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Innovation is like learning to play the violin in public

Innovation is like learning to play the violin in public!

One day a colleague and I were talking with a group of executives with a multi-national corporation. They were exploring how we might help them expand the scope of innovation beyond their R&D department to more areas of the organization.

Awakening the Creator Within

Just before the turn of the new millennium, I wrote the following opening lines to my 3rd book, Flash of Brilliance:

Confessions of an "unaware" idea suppressor

Even though I love to come up with new ideas, I was thoroughly surprised to discover that I was unknowingly suppressing other people’s ideas.

Disruptive Technology - Disruptive Innovation

Domains of innovation that can disrupt industries and technology

Disruptive technologies by themselves are often not enough to cause a market disruption. But a set of innovations across many domains can weigh mightily on the future of an industry


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