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The VCI Difference

Learn about Values Centered Innovation

VCI’s diverse work with global organizations since the mid-1980s gives us grounded experience and insight into how individuals, teams and entire organizations innovate. We continuously invest in leading-edge research to create new, integrated solutions. We are accelerating the practice of innovation so that you and your organization can thrive in these complex times.

Our approach to building innovation competencies is distinct and holistic. We start by working with you to discover your most important needs and priorities, then determine and apply the best solutions to accomplish your goals. We’re with you throughout the entire process and help you measure and celebrate your impact with both intangible and tangible results.

Why VCI?

Focused on your needs - You have work to do and positive results to produce; it’s our job to make your work more motivating, innovative and easier

Results oriented - For us innovation is a pro-active, conscious act of co-creating your future; that’s our passion and purpose in everything we do

Strength based - Our analytics and self-assessments are designed to build the self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence it takes to be innovative; we balance inner transformation with mastering new competencies

Values centered - Human values, the positive qualities of good character found in all cultures across time, are the energizing ingredients for the what, why and how of innovation — and the foundation of all of our programs

Relentlessly researching and innovating - We’re actively advancing the field of innovation with the latest thought in Innovation Enablement paradigms while simultaneously innovating our own models to stay on the leading-edge

Integrated and coherent - Our models, processes and tools have a common language and understanding to break down the silo mentality so innovative efforts can be practiced seamlessly across functions, stakeholders and cultures

Committed to building true wealth - We measure 3 key outcomes that indicate true wealth: (1) the values practiced; (2) the knowledge and wisdom gained; and (3) the beneficial achievement of goals



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