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Gain insight and practical guidance through our full-range of innovation assessments.

Our assessments foster self-insight and spark new levels of innovation competency, motivation, and productivity… individually and with others

VCI assessments are designed to build the self-esteem and confidence it takes to be innovative in every day work. Each one is grounded in original research from an innovation perspective. Use them to provoke self-awareness and insights that result in greater versatility and effective efforts.

Our assessments are strength-based, which provide “relative preference and tendency” scores – as contrasted with ratings-based assessments that give “good/bad” or “high/low” scores. With our strength-based assessments, the question is not, “Are you innovative?” but rather, “HOW are you innovative?”

  • Innovation Styles® - Understand your unique mixture of 4 strategies or “languages” of innovative thinking – providing new degrees of awareness and versatility
  • BeThinkAct™ Innovation Process - Gain insights about your tendencies for taking initiative with each task of the innovation process – providing new awareness for skill building
  • Human Values - Appreciate your preferences for 3 distinct orientations to human values – to energize, motivate, and guide your innovative efforts
  • Team Climate for Innovation - Understand the roles you may take with the 8 team climate qualities – to support positive team synergy for innovation
  • Leaders for Innovation (360° assessment) - Gain insights about the 8 traits needed to coach and sponsor others to be innovative – to sustain strength of character to lead innovation

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