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Innovative Thinking powered by Innovation Styles®

Innovative Thinking powered by Innovation Styles®

Turbo-charge your innovative thinking.

The Innovative Thinking module builds the skills and versatility for four distinct Innovation Styles® and their impact on the process of innovation.

Client Impact:

  • Become versatile in generating ideas by eliciting different Innovation Styles®
  • Collaborate with others to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Recognize the innovative thinking styles of others to connect and communicate more effectively
  • Gain wider acceptance of ideas and concepts by appealing to all four styles of thinking

Core Concepts:

  • Recognizing the different ways we think innovatively is a key to successfully working together in a team and in an organization
  • There are four distinct “languages” of innovative thinking: Visioning, Modifying, Exploring and Experimenting
  • We each have our own approach to meeting an innovative challenge, using our own mixture of all four Innovation Styles®
  • Each style makes an essential contribution to the innovation process, and all four are needed for comprehensive as well as creative solutions to work challenges

Key Content:

  • Our innovative potential: The question is NOT “ARE you innovative?” The question is “HOW are you innovative?”
  • The four Innovation Styles®: Visioning, Modifying, Exploring and Experimenting
  • Each person’s Innovation Styles® profile and team dynamics
  • Idea-generation techniques to practice and apply each style of innovative thinking
  • The relationship between innovative thinking and the tasks of the innovation process

Experience/Research Background:

The Innovation Styles® model was developed by William C. Miller based upon three research sources found in published literature and in data bases available at the Stanford Research Institute. The Innovation Styles® model was a breakthrough from previous creativity models with four distinct strategies of innovative thinking that impact all stages and tasks in the innovation process.

"We use VCI’s Innovation Styles® in our creative innovation program. It is an excellent tool to build balanced teams for ideation and problem solving. VCI has a wealth of expertise in innovation and are wonderful to work with."
Kim Saville, Director of Innovation Processes, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics

"My experience with Innovation Styles® has helped me to engage project teams with a different focus on change. It has had a profound impact on my clients’ work."
Dan Browne, Operating Effectiveness, Fortune 500 insurance firm

"What I love about Innovation Styles® is its focus on helping everyone to understand and appreciate their innate ability to be innovative."
Belinda L. Block Ph.D., Founder-in-Chief, Aha! to Action

Turbo-charge innovative thinking throughout your organization.

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