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Analytics. eLearning. Certification. Consulting. Workshops.

Equip your organization with the power to innovate its future.

You can develop and roll-out innovation programs uniquely tailored to your needs, drawing from 10 core modules, with assessments and analytics. We’ll have you up and running quickly among a wide range of functions, cultures, and professional levels.

Other unique features of our Innovation Enablement framework include:

  • Each time you add a new module, you can be confident that the language and concepts will be fully integrated and will reinforce all previous competency building.
  • A “strength-based” approach is used throughout all of our modules; creating a safe environment for everyone to grow personally and professionally.
  • The learning process follows a four-step adult learning model. Each person gains new self-awareness and an understanding of others, a depth of knowledge about the concepts, and practical, wise applications for each module.

5 Core Programs. Jump-shift the innovative impact your employees, leaders and teams can make to enhance your organization's future.

10 Innovation Modules. Develop and roll-out innovation programs and initiatives that meet your most pressing needs for enabling innovation.

Analytics. Use state-of-the-art visual models and quantifiable metrics to determine and promote key initiatives for enabling innovation across your organization. Establish your baseline and track your progress over time.

Assessments. Our range of assessments foster self-insight and spark new levels of innovation competency, motivation and productivity... individually and with others.

Certification. With certification, your clients will know you have a recognized competency to enable innovation. You’ll have all of the guidance and resources needed to conduct a wide range of activities, from workshops to consulting sessions to small and large programs.

eLearning. We're continually updating our online eLearning portal. You can use one of our current courses or we can customize a course to fit your needs.

Innovation Process powered by BeThinkAct™ . A productivity tool designed to boost your success when developing innovative solutions in every day work. With the BeThinkAct™ innovation process, you can break down barriers that inhibit cross-functional, cross cultural innovative collaboration.

Innovative Thinking powered by Innovation Styles®. Do your people need to think more innovatively to generate better solutions to their day-to-day work challenges? Build the skills, versatility, and fluency for four distinct Innovation Styles – four “languages” of innovative thinking.

Consulting. At times you may need more concentrated guidance and support. With our consulting services you will have the resources you need, large or small.

Workshops. Using our full 10 modules as a guide, we can work with you to customize high-impact workshops to build a wide diversity of innovation competencies.

"Thank you so much for an excellent workshop. I think it is safe to say that Innovation Styles® will become thoroughly engrained in our culture. I have heard very positive feedback from all staff, both on the workshop and on the excellent facilitation skills."

Lynette Mader, Manager of Provincial Operations, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Enable innovation across your organization.

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