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Comprehensive. Adventurous. Practical. A framework that works.

Do you need to build innovation capabilities?
We've got you covered from A to Z.

With VCI's Innovation Programs, you can tailor initiatives and programs to meet your talent development needs:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art analytics to identify key leverage points and guide your efforts with quantifiable and reliable data
  • Revitalize your legacy programs by integrating fresh innovation concepts and tools
  • Add innovation competencies to current leadership and team development programs
  • Deliver innovation programs that energize people to practice what they’ve learned
  • Facilitate and coach project teams to generate innovative solutions to their work challenges

Drawing from VCI’s 10 core modules, you can strengthen a wide diversity of innovation capabilities, such as:

  • Demystify innovation and create a confident mindset that everyone can be innovative
  • Enhance collaboration to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Accelerate innovative work using a cross-functional, cross-cultural innovation process
  • Stimulate the deeper questions to unlock the inner motivation for innovative work
  • Motivate stretch goals, conscious risk-taking, and proactive innovation within teams
  • Promote a cohesive, integrated framework that enhances the climate and culture for innovation

Being innovative is the mindset. Thinking and acting innovatively is the process. Innovation is the natural result. With VCI's Innovation Programs, you can confidently build the capabilities for everyone in your organization to be, think and act innovatively in their everyday work.

"We use VCI’s Innovation Styles® in our creative innovation program. It is an excellent tool to build balanced teams for ideation and problem solving.  VCI has a wealth of expertise in innovation and are wonderful to work with."

Kim Saville, Director of Innovation Processes, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Comprehensive. Energizing. Practical. Innovation programs that work. 

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