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Awakening the Creator Within

Just before the turn of the new millennium, I wrote the following opening lines to my 3rd book, Flash of Brilliance:

Confessions of an "unaware" idea suppressor

Even though I love to come up with new ideas, I was thoroughly surprised to discover that I was unknowingly suppressing other people’s ideas.

Disruptive Technology - Disruptive Innovation

Domains of innovation that can disrupt industries and technology

Disruptive technologies by themselves are often not enough to cause a market disruption. But a set of innovations across many domains can weigh mightily on the future of an industry.

The Moral Compass behind the "Invisible Hand"

Adam Smith has some critical lessons for us to learn now about the root cause of the "economic tsumani" that gripped the world starting in 2008

While there may be many "technical" causes of the worldwide recession started in 2008, there is one deeper cause that stands out.


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