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Sr. Leader Solutions

Senior Leaders Solutions for enabling innovation across the organization

 Do you need innovative solutions throughout your organization?
Your job just got easier.

Chief Innovation Officers and other Senior Leaders know that innovation is a top-3 strategic priority globally and that industry leadership requires every person to be innovative - doing work in new, better and different ways across functions, cultures and stakeholders.

The key challenge today: How do you enable innovation throughout your entire organization in a way that is integrated, energizing, and practical, yet game-changing? With the VCI Innovation Enablement framework, you can:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art analytics to identify key leverage points and guide your efforts with quantifiable and reliable data
  • Develop strategies that ensure your organization is always on the leading edge
  • Establish a “Way of Innovation” to reinforce the mindset, behaviors and opportunities for everyone to be innovative
  • Promote a cohesive, integrated framework that enhances the climate and culture for innovation
  • Motivate stretch goals, conscious risk-taking, and proactive innovation within teams
  • Enhance collaboration to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Turbo-charge innovative work using a cross-functional, cross-cultural innovation process
  • Measure your “return on innovation investment” and enhance your intellectual capital

As you implement the VCI development framework across the organization, your leaders at all levels will master 4 key roles of innovation leadership – coach, practitioner, sponsor, and executive – and thereby promote innovative outcomes that:

  • Meet increasing customer demands for innovative solutions
  • Enhance the profitability, quality and productivity of your teams
  • Create and manage new knowledge across the organization
  • Provide innovative HR solutions that attract and retain top talent
  • Navigate the complexities of culture, strategy and business models
  • Exceed the expectations of stakeholders

"VCI is a breath of fresh air: authentic, interested, knowledgeable, responsive, supportive and patient. Far from fueling a dependency on them for consulting or delivery services, they have built an impressive suite of support resources that truly advance the practical application of their modules for greater individual and business success. I look forward to their continued partnership."

Ginger Coyle, Sr. Organizational Development Specialist, Fortune 500 aerospace firm.

Proactively. Consciously. Create your future.

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