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Innovation Styles® assessment

What's your style of innovative thinking? Find out with the Innovation Styles® self-assessment

While we all have the capacity to be innovative, we approach innovation and change in different ways.

Our years of research and experience in the field of innovation have established that people approach innovation and change with a mixture of four distinct Innovation Styles®: Visioning, Modifying, Exploring, and Experimenting.

Recognizing the different ways we like to innovate is one of the keys to working together successfully - in a group or in an organization. Another is developing versatility in using all four Innovation Styles®. As you invite a wider variety of ideas into your work, your work will be more productive and have greater impact as you seek to find innovative solutions to your work challenges.

Each member of your workgroup has a different blend of Innovation Styles®. Once you understand how these styles influence their innovative thinking, you'll understand your teammates better. You'll be able to select an innovative mix of people, gain higher participation, reduce relationship tension, and build more synergy on your teams. You'll be easier to work with, and so will they.

Organizations also have a blend of Innovation Styles® too. Understanding your organization's style-pattern helps you to successfully plan and implement organization change and find ways to contribute to its overall success.

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