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Hear from our clients

VCI provides world-class consulting and global insights into how to enable individuals, groups and organizations to innovate to their highest human capacity. Their coaching style, humanity, IT expertise and experience in how to build organizational innovation competencies is invaluable. We have partnered over the last ten years and they have been a tremendous supporter and advocate for our company and our clients!

I was fortunate enough to execute a departmental turnaround using the Values Centered Innovation framework. Not only did we accomplish phenomenal outcomes, the practice of disciplined collaboration and innovation carried over into every facet of our lives. The focus on learning and values has been a constant source of inspiration in every endeavor we have undertaken since.

“What I love about Innovation Styles® is its focus on helping everyone to understand and appreciate their innate ability to be innovative.

I used Innovation Styles® to help in the development of trust for a new leader introducing change as well as helping an established business adapt to a vastly different economic and regulatory landscape.

The workshops ended with the teams generating some great ideas to help the businesses move forward.

Working with William and Debra Miller was a delight; their support was instrumental to the success of my Innovation Styles® workshop.

And, the simplicity of Innovation Styles® ensures that its use isn’t a singular event; it helps individuals integrate innovation into their daily lives.”

Every time I have a new engagement, VCI always goes all out of their way to make sure the customers’ needs are 100% satisfied. One time I had a customer from the banking industry in China, VCI did all the research to find relevant cases that would support teaching the Innovation Styles® well. VCI is easy to work with and you will gain a lot by working with them.

We are so impressed by the content, tools and methodologies provided by VCI's program and also appreciate the professionalism of William and Debra. Each time we have any questions to ask them, we always receive a quick and detailed explanation which really helps us a lot. We feel like we are on an Innovative Journey during the certification where we are enriching our minds and our understanding for innovation. Thanks for such a great experience that VCI brings to us!

The WISH Foundation, a new NGO formed in India two years ago, utilized the help of VCI to develop a Mission and Vision for our new organization, and a set of core values. We subsequently used scenario-based planning to develop a strategic plan for our new organization. The VCI processes were very productive and highly engaging - not only did we accomplish the tasks that we set out to, but we also developed a much deeper sense of being a team, of better understanding and supporting one another, and a shared sense of commitment towards building this new future together. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

As a fellow facilitator of learning and an entrepreneur whose clients are always wanting more, our partnership with VCI has added value by both extending the suite of learning solutions we can offer and by expanding our team’s expertise and innovation in all that we do. The design support VCI has provided is unparalleled! We continue to thrive by customizing the innovation learning programs we offer our clients!
The challenge facing my client was how to enhance the quantity and quality of ideas being generated throughout their business challenge meetings. We brought in Innovation Styles® to broaden and deepen the facilitators approach to ideation which has enriched the process and impacted their business results.