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Hear from our clients

We are very happy to work with Innovation Styles®. We feel very comfortable with the methodology and above all we see the enormous positive impact that it has on people and teams. Thank you very much for your valuable support and for your wonderful energy that always comes to us.

The meticulous way in which the workshop has been planned and executed by you both is inspiring. The workshop opened up an entirely new world in our minds about values centered approaches in our regular business. Thanks again.

My experience with Innovation Styles® has helped me to engage innovation teams and regular project teams with a different focus on change. The ability to understand and leverage the different styles towards unique outcomes has had a profound impact on my clients’ work. William and Debra have been a tremendous support system and thought partners.

Thank you so much Debra for an excellent workshop. I think it is safe to say that Innovation Styles® will become thoroughly engrained in our DU Ontario culture. I have heard very positive feedback from all staff, both on the workshop and on your excellent facilitation skills. Everyone really enjoyed meeting you and had an absolutely fabulous time. Thanks so much!

We use VCI’s Innovation Styles® in our creative innovation program. It is an excellent tool to build balanced teams for ideation and problem solving. VCI has a wealth of expertise in innovation and are wonderful to work with.

Aon Hewitt works closely with VCI to design and deliver solutions around innovation to its clients. This partnership is now more than 2 years old - during which time, we have had many opportunities to work with William and Debra. Aon Hewitt chose VCI as its partner of choice in the area of innovation since VCI has a refreshingly different point of view on making innovation work - be it appealing to the innate goodness of men and women, or anchoring it on human values. Our client workshops, that have been co-faciliated by William & Debra, are rich in anecdotes and praticality. The Innovation Styles® Inventory is a very powerful, yet simple to grasp tool that provides valuable insights into innovation styles of people.

In my fifty years of design work I've yet to meet anyone who can articulate the depth of the creative process as well as William Miller.