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Hear from our clients

"Our experience with VCI has been greatly positive and has added an impact on how we do things. We would have no second thoughts on recommending VCI as a value partner to whomsoever entails usage of VCI services in the area of Innovation.

SICSR engaged VCI to provide direction on the steps SICSR needs to take to get serious into the Innovation arena. The results were amazing and have made a definite change in doing things at SICSR. We intend to use the learning to be innovative in what we do which includes insight into the Innovation Styles, the environment and also the NUMI Framework."

"We have been certified in Innovation Styles® and we have used this learning in one of our business units and we are pleased with the outcome. My team and I have worked with VCI in assessing ourselves and also participating and interacting in the classroom sessions. Many people speak of innovation, but VCI has a way with the heart and mind combination — two elements which are missing in other processes and workshops."

“I am grateful to VCI for the insights and guidance they have provided to the innovation initiatives in my team. My experience from their workshops and programs is that VCI is a true thought leader in the intersection area of Human Values and Innovation.”

"It goes without saying that decades of research on innovation and its implementation in Fortune 100 organizations around the globe, undoubtedly makes William Miller as one of the top thought leaders in the field of innovation in the world.

More so what differentiates him from others is his discovery on the causal link of human values with innovation.

It is a profound privilege to get in touch with one’s own extraordinary ability to innovate and it is awesome to get present to the kind of difference everyone of us can make to the world by learning this new innovation process and the tools offered by VCI."

William offers excellent tools for helping businesses everywhere.

William Miller provides valuable insights and tools for you to embark on your own creative journey and rediscover the soul of your business.