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Hear from our clients

We, at L&T Technology Services, have been associated with Values Centred Innovation for over 3 years. The concepts and techniques professed by VCI in their Innovation Styles® programme has been invaluable in our innovation journey so far. Their online certification modules have helped us train many individuals within our team. With the introduction of the online modules we now gain access to the content irrespective our geographic locations.

The contents of the new certification program are insightful and informative with the adoption of live examples. The course has been helpful for the “Train-the-trainer” program, enabling us to build effective innovation facilitators within the organization and customize the modules and lessons to meet our business needs.

VCI has been a valuable partner in our innovation practice and we eagerly look forward to furthering our relationship.

“Our students were truly inspired by the course taught by VCI. Their message is powerful – character ignites the genius of innovation – and their pedagogy engaging and stimulating.”

William has long been known as remarkable in his ability to get organizations operating more innovatively and to keep them that way.

"VCI believes in the principle that everyone is innovative. Rather than asking the question of 'Am I innovative?' VCI directs you to the question 'How am I innovative?'

The Innovation Styles® tool offered by VCI has people discover for themselves their own innovative thinking style, more so it opens up a new paradigm of how innovative others are.

This is a huge discovery for people as it opens up the opportunity for people to be versatile in their innovative thinking and brings in harmony amongst the team as they are now able to appreciate the innovativeness of their team members. It resolves a lot of mystery on why people behave the way they behave and therefore creates oneness and peace amongst teams which is an unexpected outcome for people participating in the Innovation workshop."

“We have used and applied VCI’s Innovation Styles® module in our client engagement activities and found the product to be highly effective and valuable. Every organization committed to innovation should consider the VCI Platform for training and development.“

Debra and William Miller are both a breath of fresh air: authentic, interested, knowledgeable, responsive, supportive and patient. Far from fueling a dependency on them for consulting or delivery services, they have built an impressive suite of support resources that truly advance the practical application of the Innovation Style Inventory for greater individual and business success. I look forward to their continued partnership.

"One of the biggest outcomes of the 21st century is that despite technological innovations in every sphere, satisfaction levels of human beings is severely declining, to the extent that it seems that no innovation can fulfill on this expectation.

While participating with the Innovation process offered by Values Centered Innovation I could see the ingredient that is grossly missing in all these innovations: Human Values.

Participating in VCI Workshops gave me a new paradigm of Innovation and the insight that it is one of the answers to fulfill the possibility of satisfaction and fulfillment for human beings, be it about generating new strategies, designing new products, or improving quality in organizations."