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Innovation Process powered by BeThinkAct™

Innovation Process powered by BeThinkAct™

Unleash the power of innovation.

The BeThinkActInnovation Process module provides the guidance, stimulation and discipline to innovate from start to finish, across functions, stakeholders and cultures.

Client Impact:

  • Turbo-charge your innovative work by gathering the "raw material" before generating ideas and deciding on the best solution
  • Establish a healthy breathing rhythm that produces new knowledge and tangible results
  • Share leadership during the innovation process, task by task, to keep people engaged from start to finish
  • Maintain momentum throughout the process, even during the ups and downs of innovative work

Core Concepts:

  • No matter what your job is, your innovative efforts share a common innovation process
  • The BeThinkAct™ Innovation Process has four stages (Stretch, Collaborate, Co-Create and Actualize), each with two key tasks
  • Tasks 1 to 4 are the “inhale” where you gather the raw material you need to innovate
  • Tasks 5 to 8 are the “exhale” where you determine your creative course of action and make it happen
  • Each task enables the art (people side) and discipline (technical side) of innovation

Key Content:

  • The BeThinkAct™ model, with four stages & eight tasks
  • The importance of integrating the innovation process and good character, across cultures and functions
  • Risks, concerns, hopes and aspirations as positive stimuli to the process
  • Diagnosing other functional processes to see what’s missing
  • Insights from each person’s individual profile and team dynamics
  • Celebrating new knowledge and achievement as valid results

Experience/Research Background:

The VCI model of the innovation process is based on (a) examining a multitude of innovation process models from the past 60 years, and (b) a study of wisdom literature. The combination revealed three key aspects of the human art and rigorous discipline of innovation that were missing from the most popular models. The VCI model, called BeThinkAct™, incorporates these missing elements to formulate a cross-functional, cross-cultural model for collaborative innovation. This model has been used for over 25 years in corporations around the world by professionals at all levels of the organization.

"Many people speak of innovation, but VCI has a way with the heart and mind combination — two elements which are missing in other processes and workshops."
Devendra Chowdary, Lead Principle, Infosys Technologies

"We’ve made immense changes in our future plans where our Academy is concerned (including our processes and systems) and involving every employee into all our plans for a better future based on what we learnt. We are happy to tell you both that there is a marked improvement in the performance of all our employees and which has had a very positive effect on the governance of the entire Academy."
Chief Executive Officer, Academy for Excellence in Management Education

Unleash the power of innovation throughout your organization.

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