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Creative & Innovative Thinking

Stimulate your creative and innovative thinking with the 4 Innovation Styles®

Work smarter not harder by unleashing each person’s inherent creativity and focusing it on what really matters.

There is an art and a discipline to creative and innovative thinking.

The art emphasizes what gives meaning and motivation to what we create, and how we come together to make a difference. The end result of practicing this art is the commitment, courage and character it takes to generate original solutions and bring them to fruition.

The discipline emphasizes processes and principles that everyone can learn and practice, which builds creative and innovative thinking competencies. The end result of discipline is the freedom to contribute our best at work.

To stimulate creative thinking, we use four distinct Innovation Styles® to expand the horizon of what’s possible and generate new and original ideas. We then use the four styles to stimulate and expand innovative thinking in order to develop and implement those ideas, to produce a positive benefit.

Our “Innovating with Style!” workshop starts with a self-assessment where you gain new insights about yourself. You then develop your skills to collaborate with others, learn new techniques, and apply what you have learned to your day-to-day work. Find out more about our "Innovating with Style!" workshop

We can also certify your internal and external practitioners to facilitate, coach and train others on using Innovation Styles®. Learn more about certification

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