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Our global reach

Our integrated set of models, assessments and tools for enabling innovation have been used successfully around the world with thousands of people over the past 30 years

In the year 2010, Values Centered Innovation™ acquired the Intellectual Property assets of the Global Creativity Corporation, which has been operating globally since 1987.

The integrated set of models, assessments and tools for enabling innovation have been used successfully around the world for the past 30 years with over 100,000 people:

  •     In countries such as: India, Japan, Singapore, China, France, UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Kuwait, South Africa, Philippines, Spain, Italy and Brazil
  •     In multi-national corporations such as: 3M, American Express, Associated Cement Company (India), AT&T, Schwab, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Exxon Chemical, HCL, HP, IBM, Infosys, General Dynamics, Kraft Foods, L&T Technology Services, Levi Straus, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Pillsbury, Pizza Hut, P&G, Samsung, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics

Some of the most notable licensees and value-added resellers (VARs) have included:

  •     Wilson Learning Worldwide, one of the five largest international training firms, has employed IP now owned by VCI since 1992
  •     Creative Advantage Inc., with its online portal for Innovation Styles® since 2004
  •     BDR Global taught the Innovation Styles® in its strategy course for Microsoft worldwide from 2006 to 2011
  •     AON Services India, part of the world’s largest human resource consulting firm
  •     British Council Singapore has adopted modules for their corporate training curriculum
  •     A growing number of consulting, training, and entrepreneurial VARs around the world (including India, USA, China, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, and Canada)

The same intellectual property (IP) has been featured in universities and graduate institutions as well:

  •     William Miller taught parts of this IP at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business as a guest faculty member for its course on creativity and innovation
  •     Since the year 2000, Harvard Business School Publishing has incorporated some of the IP in their corporate learning portal called ManageMentor
  •     The University of Dallas has adopted the VCI framework in its Doctor of Business Administration curriculum
  •     The faculty of the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) in Pune, India, is developing their own professional skills and introducing innovation competencies to their students

With this acquisition of Intellectual Property, we will continue to expand and develop our capability to enable innovation in every person, every job, every day.

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