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Our future

Our ability to enable innovation in individuals, teams and organizations will be taking a giant leap forward.

Our ability to enable innovation in individuals, teams and organizations will be taking a giant leap forward with Numi®.

We are in the process of developing a patent-pending online IT system that every person can have at their fingertips to enable them to innovate at their highest capacity.

The Numi® Innovation Enablement System will enable innovation in a wide diversity of ways:

    • Building innovation competencies from the basics to advanced skills
    • Tools and workspaces for accomplishing innovative work
    • Facilitator/trainer resources for certification and client initiatives
    • Dashboards for senior leaders and executives to track results

Numi® will include:

    • An integrated curriculum with 15 competency-building modules
    • Self-assessments and group assessments for most modules
    • An innovation process workspace for accomplishing innovative work
    • The ability to create any number of teams or groups
    • An “accountability” function to create customized development plans and track results
    • Facilitator resources to gain certification and conduct client activities

To develop innovation competencies, the Numi® System includes a fully integrated set of practical concepts and tools organized into 5 streams of modules: Preparing for innovation, Empowering innovation, Generating innovation, Guiding innovation and Navigating innovation. See the full curriculum

Each module has a 4-stage adult learning process:

    • Understand Yourself — through self-assessments and feedback
    • Understand Others — through group assessments and feedback
    • Learn the concepts — through in-depth articles, exercises, and media
    • Apply wisely — through interactive exercises that focus on specific job tasks (such as marketing, product development, quality, strategic thinking)

Throughout the Numi® system there will be hundreds of resources, including videos, exercises and games for learning and applying the material in everyday work situations. Text input for exercises can be saved for later review – a handy feature if you lead an exercise in a group and want to distribute the results right away.

To get innovative work done, the Numi® System will feature a “BeThinkAct™” workspace that guides individuals and workgroups through a complete innovation process from start to finish.

Numi® will allow people to form their own networked teams and interest groups to develop competencies and do innovative work together. Likewise, individuals will be able to set their own plans and accountability for competency-building and project-specific application. The system will also feature full administration capability with various options for levels of security.

Numi® can be used for individual, team, or organization-wide initiatives for enabling innovation. It will have an intuitive, appealing design for quick learning and practical application, and is being developed to work on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices.

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