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Consultant Solutions

Expand your business. Energize your programs. Enable innovation.

Are your clients asking for innovation programs?
Deliver our plug-n-play modules like a pro.

As a Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer or Coach, your clients may be asking for programs to help them be more innovative in all aspects of their work. You need leading-edge, well-proven, trustworthy resources that enable your clients to innovate to their highest capacity. And you need a certification process that can get you up and running quickly so you can deliver like a pro with confidence.

We have an active, global network of Value-Added Resellers who license our intellectual property for use in their own client work. A VAR is an independent contractor, not a franchise, joint venture or partnership. You would have the ability to use, administer, and distribute our assessments and materials, and provide associated services, with your clients anywhere in the world.

You could be specializing in any topic – innovation, strategy, talent and leadership development, quality improvement, marketing, research and development – and want to integrate a component on “enabling innovation” in your business. Whether you are an individual consultant or part of a larger consulting or training firm, we license our intellectual property to a wide range of organizations.

Our goal is to empower you to seamlessly integrate our Innovation Enablement Framework with your own client services. We're your innovation "Intel inside."

"As a fellow facilitator of learning and an entrepreneur whose clients are always wanting more, our partnership with VCI has added value by both extending the suite of learning solutions we can offer and by expanding our team’s expertise and innovation in all that we do.  The design support VCI has provided is unparalleled!  We continue to thrive by customizing the innovation learning programs we offer our clients!

Michele Patry, President, Innovative Facilitation

Expand your business. Energize your programs. Enable innovation.

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