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We're here to guide you with your key innovation initiatives

Innovation consulting that meets your needs.

When you have a key initiative that needs innovative solutions and action, our consulting can expand your approach with new ways of being, thinking and acting.

Our consulting process starts with establishing clear deliverables – both achievements and new knowledge – and naming the internal champions/sponsors. We also maintain a dual focus on achieving positive, beneficial results while building internal competencies to be self-reliant in the future.

Some of our most popular consulting assignments have focused on guiding and coaching clients to:

    • Sponsor, measure and sustain a culture for innovation
    • Create innovative strategies, and strategies for innovation
    • Develop concepts for a specific, urgently-needed innovation
    • Build a comprehensive, integrated approach to enabling innovation

Our capacity for innovation consulting is guided by the experience of William C. Miller, co-founder of Values Centered Innovation. Mr. Miller has been a global innovation consultant since the early 1980s with corporations around the world, starting with his position as head of Innovation Management at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) in the mid-1980s and as President of the Global Creativity Corporation since 1987. Learn more about William

Unleash the power to innovate your future.

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