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Strategize Your Future Consciously!

Strategize Your Future Consciously! What’s your innovative game plan?

At its best, strategic thinking is a creative process that develops a long-term game-plan for manifesting a desired future.

The relationship between innovation and strategy is twofold: generating innovative strategies, and developing strategies for innovation.

  • Innovative strategies can be aimed at business growth, product launch, marketing, etc.
  • Strategies for innovation can include a long-range blueprint for different domains of innovation (such as new products, processes, business models, or stakeholder relations).

The Strategize Your Future Consciously! workshop teaches scenario-based strategic thinking coupled with innovative thinking. Scenario-based strategic thinking is a highly creative approach that takes people beyond the traditional application of strategic planning frameworks. It produces a comprehensive, conservative, risk-spreading strategy that is capable of guiding the business forward in uncertain and complex times.

This workshop is an actual working session, where the participants formulate a strategy for a specific long-term goal of the organization – positioned across the uncertainty of 3 or 4 plausible scenarios of the future business environment.


The aim of Strategize Your Future, Consciously is to give leaders and teams the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand strategic thinking as it relates to innovative thinking and decision making
  • Practice the art and discipline of strategic thinking, based on innovative thinking
  • Generate strategies across multiple scenarios of business environments
  • Produce a first-draft positioning strategy for a specific long-term goal of the organization
  • Use the scenarios and strategic thinking to make more informed, wise decisions


This program is intended for executives and senior leaders with any of the following responsibilities:

  • Members of the C-floor – such as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, or CKO
  • Head of functional departments – such as Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service, Operations, R&D, Quality, Finance, IT, HR, Strategic Planning, or Knowledge Management
  • Leaders at all levels who are engaged in strategic initiatives – such as business model design, culture change, customer relations, total quality, leadership or talent development


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a self-assessment feedback report, an application booklet, and idea-generation techniques. The duration of this workshop is 2-3 days, including elements drawn from the Innovating with Style workshop. For longer term support, this workshop can be combined with consulting or coaching.

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