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Innovating with Style!

Innovating With Style: Four strategies of creative, innovative thinking

We are all unique individuals. Each one of us has different habits, talents, knowledge, values, interests, and ways of expressing ourselves. And, while we all have the capacity to be innovative, we approach creative and innovative thinking in different ways.

Our years of research and experience have identified four distinct Innovation Styles® that we use in different proportions, according to our preferences:

    • Visioning: to envision the ideal future
    • Modifying: to refine and optimize what has come before
    • Exploring: to discover new and novel possibilities
    • Experimenting: to combine and test many unique combinations

Recognizing the different ways we like to innovate is one of the keys to working together successfully. Another is developing versatility in using all four Innovation Styles. As you invite a wider variety of ideas into your work, your work will be more productive and have greater impact as you seek to find innovative solutions to your work challenges.

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Participants who complete the Innovating with Style workshop will gain new knowledge, skills and insights for:

    • Generating creative ideas by seeing situations from new perspectives
    • Being versatile in generating creative, innovative ideas from different directions
    • Separating the process of idea-generation from idea-evaluation
    • Being motivated to stretch to new ideas based on personal values
    • Collaborating with others to develop innovative solutions


This program is intended for individuals, teams and workgroups who have work challenges that require innovative solutions, such as:

    • New products or services, marketing or sales
    • Productivity or quality improvement
    • Talent recruitment or development
    • Business models or strategy
    • Customer satisfaction or environmental impact


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a self-assessment feedback report, an application booklet, and idea-generation techniques. The duration of this workshop can range from ½-day to 2 days, and can be combined with other workshops.

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