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From Mundane to Meaningful!

From Mundane to Meaningful: Energizing innovation with a conscience

Every person has the potential to be innovative, and to think and do their work innovatively. What’s important is to focus that potential on what really matters. And that means being energized, motivated and guided by our values for what we innovate, why we innovate, and how we innovate.

The call now is not just for more innovation, but for innovation that is motivated to achieve consistently positive outcomes: innovation with a conscience. We achieve this by working in accord with what we call “human values” – the positive, enduring qualities of good character that are found in cultures all around the world throughout time.

Human Values can energize our innovative efforts through an emphasis on our intention, connection and action. They help us bridge our differences and make wise choices, while giving us the inner strength and clarity of mind to innovate.

From Mundane to Meaningful strengthens your ability to innovate “from the inside out” while bringing out the innovative best of your colleagues.

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Participants who complete the From Mundane to Meaningful workshop will gain new insights and skills to:

  • See situations from new perspectives
  • Understand their natural inclinations for different orientations to human values
  • Bring out the best in others who have the same or different orientations
  • Foster meaningful, energized, innovative collaborations on teams
  • Inspire a greater sense of meaning and motivation in what, why and how each person innovates


This program is intended for individuals, teams and workgroups who have work challenges that require innovative solutions, such as:

  • New products or services, marketing or sales
  • Productivity or quality improvement
  • Talent recruitment or development
  • Business models or strategy
  • Customer satisfaction or environmental impact


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a self-assessment feedback report, an application booklet, and idea-generation techniques. The duration of this workshop can range from ½-day to 2 days, and is often combined with other workshops.

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