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Every Person - Every Job!

Every Person - Every Job! Enable the Innovative Potential in Everyone

Enabling the innovative potential in everyone is already a means to achieve leadership in any field of endeavor. Eventually, it will become a core competency for any organization just to be in the game.

Every Person - Every Job! is built on four key principles:

  • Every person has the potential to be innovative in how they do their daily work
  • Innovation is both an art to be expressed and a discipline to be learned
  • Trust and collaboration are keys to innovative success
  • Sustainable, positive innovation is a natural by-product of everyone working innovatively from a basis of human values and wholistic versatility

This workshop introduces participants to five competency areas for practicing the art and discipline of innovation. Each competency area has an assessment for self and group-learning.

  • The Basics of Values Centered Innovation™
  • Innovative Thinking (Innovation Styles®)
  • The Innovation Process
  • Human Values (that energize innovation)
  • The Team Climate for Innovation

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Every Person - Every Job! will give individual contributors and workgroup members a greater capability to:

  • Utilize a universal framework and language for innovation across functions and specialties
  • Employ a diversity of innovative thinking strategies in every innovative project
  • Practice the art and discipline of the innovation process from start to finish
  • Develop and sustain a positive climate for team innovation
  • Inspire a greater sense of meaning and motivation in what, why and how each person innovates


This program is intended for individuals, teams and workgroups who have work challenges that require innovative solutions, such as:

  • New products or services, marketing or sales
  • Productivity or quality improvement
  • Talent recruitment or development
  • Business models or strategy
  • Customer satisfaction or environmental impact


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include self-assessment feedback reports, application booklets, and idea-generation techniques. The duration of this workshop ranges from 2 to 4 days depending on the scope and results required.

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