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Catalyst & Creator!

Catalyst & Creator! Be a role-model and coach for innovation

Catalyst and Creator gives you insights into how you can be a catalyst and coach to bring out the innovative best in others, while also practicing the skills for being creative and innovative yourself.

As a role model of innovation leadership, you gain trust and credibility by innovating in your own work and by coaching people with the right questions – rather than giving answers for their innovative challenges.

The Catalyst & Creator! workshop helps leaders be a catalyst and creator by gaining skills in five fundamental competency areas: a universal language for innovation, innovative thinking, the innovation process, human values, and climate for innovation.

In addition, the workshop provides an opportunity for leaders to assess their strengths and development areas for 8 key qualities of innovative leaders: being self-aware, purposeful, incisive, rewarding, inventive, transforming, evaluative, and dauntless. These qualities show up as strength of character, an inner integrity that transforms relationships into co-innovative alliances.

Together, Catalyst & Creator! builds a strong foundation for inspiring, guiding and enabling innovation in leaders and their workgroups.


Catalyst & Creator! will give leaders at all levels of an organization greater capability to:

  • Generate a common understanding about innovation in their workgroups
  • Become a role-model for innovative thinking, human values, and the innovation process
  • Embody 8 key qualities for leading innovation
  • Coach team members to bring out their innovative best
  • Promote a positive team climate with peers and subordinates in the organization


This program is intended for leaders at all levels who:

  • Are engaged in strategic initiatives – such as business model design, culture change, customer relations, total quality, leadership or talent development
  • Lead workgroups with innovative work challenges such as new products, marketing, quality improvement, talent development, or customer satisfaction


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a needs analysis for leading Values Centered Innovation™ and other assessments depending on the duration and focus. The duration of this workshop ranges from 2-3 days and is most effective when used together with a consulting or coaching engagement.

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