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Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®

Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®! Foster a vibrant culture for innovation

A “culture” for innovation is the set of norms and values embedded in an organization’s systems, policies and practices that promote innovation throughout the organization.

The strongest cultures for innovation have a “systems integrity” in which all aspects of the culture are aligned to enable individuals and teams to produce innovative solutions to their day-to-day work challenges.

Cultural change requires a concerted effort by many sponsors to effect a change. It can take months and years of disciplined renewal of systems, policies and practices in order to shift the norms, attitudes and values for innovation. That change process can be strategized using VCI’s Awesome Place to Innovate® (API) culture analytic for evaluating an organization’s culture for innovation – based on a pioneering study of entrepreneurial acquisitions that revealed 16 potent factors for how to sponsor innovation in organizations.

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With Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®! you can strengthen your ability to cultivate a culture that enables every employee to be innovative and produce innovations in a personally meaningful way.


The aim of Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®! is to give executives and senior leaders the knowledge and skills to:

    • Prioritize your most urgent needs for innovation
    • Become a role-model for how to sponsor a culture for innovation
    • Understand the system dynamics for cultivating a culture for innovation
    • Measure both tangible and intangible results from your innovation investment
    • Design a strategy for enhancing the culture, so that it supports each stage of the innovation process


This program is intended for executives and senior leaders with any of the following responsibilities:

    • Members of the C-floor – such as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, or CKO
    • Head of functional departments – such as Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service, Operations, R&D, Quality, Finance, IT, HR, Strategic Planning, or Knowledge Management
    • Key leaders who are responsible for strategic initiatives – such as business model design, culture change, customer relations, total quality, leadership or talent development


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a needs analysis for values centered innovation as well as an executive-level evaluation of the organization culture. The duration of this workshop ranges from 2-4 days and is most effective when used together with a consulting engagement.

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