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Align - Attune - Aha!

Align - Attune - Aha! Strengthen your team climate for innovation

Musical groups can give a great performance only if they’re “aligned” (playing the same music at the same rhythm and dynamics) and “attuned” (in tune with each other). Otherwise, their music will not be pleasant, even if they start and finish the same piece together.

With teams at work, alignment means working collaboratively with a common agreement about purpose, roles, and protocols for working together. We also have to be attuned to each other: understanding and respecting each person’s individual purpose and values, and developing relationships based on group values.

Furthermore, our research and experience has revealed that the team climate for innovation requires individual skills and group synergy on 8 critical factors: commitment, conscious risk taking, character, cooperative learning, creativity with diversity, collaborative decisions, congruence of thought-word-action, and celebration of achievement + learning.

The Align - Attune - Aha! workshop offers tools for building competencies in all these areas of collaborative, innovative teamwork. Separate assessments are given for: (a) individuals climate skills and (b) team synergy in practicing the climate skills.

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The aim of Align - Attune - Aha! is to give team leaders and members the knowledge and skills to:

  • Align team members on common goals, roles and protocols for team interaction
  • Attune team members on personal purpose and values
  • Strengthen individual skills for fostering a climate for innovation in any group or team
  • Uplift a team’s ability to foster a climate for innovation collectively
  • Understand the interaction between the climate and the tasks of the innovation process


This program is intended for individuals, teams and workgroups who have work challenges that require innovative solutions, such as:

  • New products or services, marketing or sales
  • Productivity or quality improvement
  • Talent recruitment or development
  • Business models or strategy
  • Customer satisfaction or environmental impact


This workshop involves experiential exercises, as well as opportunities to apply the learning to actual on-the-job challenges. Participant materials include a self-assessment feedback report, team feedback results, and an application booklet. The duration of this workshop can range from ½-day to 2 days, and is often combined with other workshops as well as coaching.

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