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From Start to Finish!

From Start to Finish! Turn Creativity into Innovation

Innovation means much more than just coming up with creative ideas; those ideas have to be put to work to create a benefit.

Strategize Your Future Consciously!

Strategize Your Future Consciously! What’s your innovative game plan?

At its best, strategic thinking is a creative process that develops a long-term game-plan for manifesting a desired future.

Catalyst & Creator!

Catalyst & Creator! Be a role-model and coach for innovation

Catalyst and Creator gives you insights into how you can be a catalyst and coach to bring out the innovative best in others, while also practicing the skills for being creative and innovative yourself.

Align - Attune - Aha!

Align - Attune - Aha! Strengthen your team climate for innovation

Musical groups can give a great performance only if they’re “aligned” (playing the same music at the same rhythm and dynamics) and “attuned” (in tune with each other).

From Mundane to Meaningful!

From Mundane to Meaningful: Energizing innovation with a conscience

Every person has the potential to be innovative, and to think and do their work innovatively. What’s important is to focus that potential on what really matters.

Every Person - Every Job!

Every Person - Every Job! Enable the Innovative Potential in Everyone

Enabling the innovative potential in everyone is already a means to achieve leadership in any field of endeavor. Eventually, it will become a core competency for any organization just to be in the game.

Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®

Be an Awesome Place to Innovate®! Foster a vibrant culture for innovation

A “culture” for innovation is the set of norms and values embedded in an organization’s systems, policies and practices that promote innovation throughout the organization.

Innovating with Style!

Innovating With Style: Four strategies of creative, innovative thinking

We are all unique individuals. Each one of us has different habits, talents, knowledge, values, interests, and ways of expressing ourselves.

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