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“Be innovative.” That imperative resounds not only as a strategic priority for C-floor executives, but also for HR/TD leaders, trainers and consultants. Industry leadership requires everyone to be innovative – to do their work in new, better and different ways, across functions, stakeholders and cultures.

You have the opportunity – perhaps even the responsibility – to enable the people who work with you to be innovative, and thus be more successful. Your role shapes your opportunity, and VCI offers you 3 distinct solutions to support you.

  • Senior Leader Solutions. Are you a Chief Innovation Officer or other senior leader? You can enable effective, collaborative innovation throughout your entire organization – across functions, cultures and stakeholders.
  • HR – TD Solutions. Are you an HR or Talent Development professional? You can strengthen the core competency of employees at every level to be innovative – as individuals, teams and leaders.
  • Consultant Solutions. Are you a consultant, trainer or facilitator? You can expand your programs and serve your clients by adding innovation competencies to your strategy, leadership and talent development programs.

The question frequently arises, “What’s the best and most effective way to enable innovation?” Visit our "How to get started" page to learn more.

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