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Leaders of Innovation

How do you sustain your strength of character to lead innovation? Find out with our Leaders assessment

Gain insights about the 8 traits needed to coach and sponsor others to be innovative – to sustain the strength of character to lead innovation.

Later in 2020, VCI will begin offering a 360° assessment in the Leaders for Innovation program. This 360° assessment addresses 8 leadership traits for innovation related to the roles of Practitioner/Role-Model, Facilitator/Coach, Sponsor of the Culture for Innovation, and Executive focused on return on innovation investment (ROII).

The 360° leadership assessment takes leaders to the next level through:

  • New self-awareness, leading to new thinking & behavior
  • Respect gained from colleagues (from being open to change)
  • The opportunity for constructive conversations with peers and subordinates

The 360-degree assessment process is designed to meet the criteria required for success:

  • A linkage between a leader’s mindset, behaviors, and consequences
  • Reliable ratings based on experience of the leader, not judgments
  • The leader’s humble openness to feedback
  • Skilled coaching to the leader
  • The leader’s disclosure with colleagues about what was learned and what changes to expect
  • Disciplined follow-through, with mid-course corrections

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