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Innovation Process assessment

What tasks in the innovation process are you most likely to take initiative with? Find out with our Innovation Process assessment

Gain insights about your tendencies for taking initiative with each task of the innovation process – providing new awareness for skill building.

Innovation can be seen as a journey that starts with setting an intention, purpose or goal, and ends with innovative achievement and new learning. All along the way, innovative thinking is required. So is knowledge. So are human values.

Our BeThinkAct™ model of the innovation process enables anyone to practice the art and discipline of innovation with greater awareness and skill through four distinct stages, each with two key tasks.

This model brings out the “breathing” nature of the innovation process. The first half of the process is like inhaling, where we take in a deep understanding of the nature of our innovation challenge and how to best focus ourselves on it. The second half is like exhaling, where we determine our creative course of action and then fulfill it and celebrate the results.

Our Innovation Process assessment helps individuals and teams bring out their best when striving to be innovative. You'll find out where you are most likely to take initiative with each of the 8 tasks and where you need to strengthen your "breathing rhythm" for being innovative.

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