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Human Values assessment

What human values energize you to work innovatively? Find out with our Human Values self-assessment

Every human being is endowed with human values – the positive, enduring qualities of good character found across cultures and time. They represent our highest aspirations, and motivate and energize us to bring out the best we have to offer in life and work.

Even with this common foundation, people draw from and express human values in different ways. Our research and experience in the field of innovation has shown that people have 3 distinct orientations as to which human values are in the forefront of their minds when they are working innovatively.

  • The Intention orientation shapes our purpose and meaning for WHY we innovate
  • The Connection orientation supports our collaboration with others that guide HOW we innovate
  • The Action orientation guides our decisions and actions that produce WHAT we innovate

The 3 Human Values orientations naturally inter-connect with each other and work together to energize WHY, HOW and WHAT we innovate. All 3 orientations are essential to practicing the art and discipline of Values Centered Innovation®.

Contact us to conduct one of our workshops using the Human Values assessment - it's an enlightening experience!