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Transform the culture for innovation

Transform the culture for innovation

Promote the mindset, communications, norms, and practices that foster sustainable industry leadership through innovation.

Senior leaders develop and master the 16 factors that directly impact the conversations, practices and policies needed to transform the culture for innovation. This program draws from 6 core modules to enhance your senior leaders’ ability to:

  • Create a confident mindset that everyone can be innovative
  • Strengthen industry leadership by utilizing tangible and intangible measures that support stretch goals and proactive innovation
  • Engage more employees and stakeholders in innovation programs, across boundaries
  • Recognize your organization’s current strengths and deficiencies for producing innovative results

The supportive analytics in this program are:

  • Awesome Place to Innovate® (API) Culture Profile
  • Innovation Mindset, Behaviors and Opportunities (I-MBO)
  • Group Climate for Innovation (GCI), with 8 qualities

Strength-based self-assessment includes:

  • Human Values, with 3 orientations

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