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Engage employees to innovate in everyday work

Engage employees to innovate in everyday work

Expand employee confidence, skills and opportunities to innovate… a key to career progress, motivation and fulfillment.

The most engaged employees are those who feel they are learning and growing on the job while making a meaningful contribution. This program draws from 4 core modules, strengthening the ability to:

  • Create a confident mindset that everyone can be innovative
  • Be versatile in generating ideas by eliciting different Innovation Styles®
  • Turbo-charge innovative work by gathering the “raw material” before generating ideas and deciding on the best solution
  • Sustain the character and courage it takes to produce meaningful innovations

Strength-based self-assessments include:

  • Innovative Thinking, with 4 Innovation Styles®
  • Innovation Process, with 8 tasks in the BeThinkAct™ process
  • Human Values, eith 3 orientations

Supportive analytic includes:

  • I-MBO: Innovation Mindset, Behaviors and Opportunities, with 10 components

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