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Empower teams for customer-focused innovation

Empower teams for customer-focused innovation

Equip teams with the collaborative skills to innovate across functions, cultures and internal/external stakeholders.

Innovation is a team sport – a successful collaboration of many people. As such, innovation requires new levels of team synergy – “having your energy together.” This program draws from 4 core modules, boosting the ability to:

  • Cultivate healthy respect for differences, reduce conflict and increase group collaboration
  • Collaborate with others to expand the depth and breadth of innovative thinking
  • Establish a healthy breathing rhythm that produces new knowledge and tangible results
  • Stretch your team to take on new levels of learning and achievement

Strength-based self-assessments include:

  • Innovative Thinking, with 4 Innovation Styles®
  • Innovation Process, with 8 tasks in the BeThinkAct™ process
  • Team Climate for Innovation, with 8 qualities

Supportive analytic includes:

  • Group Climate for Innovation (CGI), with 8 qualities

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