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Develop leaders for innovation

Develop leaders for innovation

Enhance the experience and credibility leaders need to engage and unite others to produce innovative solutions.

Leaders at every level develop and master two roles: Practitioner and Role Model for being innovative in their own work; and Facilitator and Coach for being a “leader of innovation” with others. This program draws from 5 core modules, boosting the ability to:

  • Promote a common language and understanding for innovation that engages and unites people to produce innovative solutions in their work
  • Recognize the innovative thinking styles of others to connect and communicate more effectively
  • Share leadership during the innovation process to keep people engaged from start to finish
  • Feel confident in their ability to uplift a climate for innovation in any team they are leading
  • Be a leader who can guide and coach people to successfully take on innovation challenges

Strength-based self-assessments include:

  • Innovative Thinking, with 4 Innovation Styles®
  • Innovation Process, with 8 tasks in the BeThinkAct™ process
  • 360° Leadership Assessment, with 8 character traits

Supportive analytic includes:

  • I-MBO: Innovation Mindset, Behaviors and Opportunities, with 10 components

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