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Our enterprise

Values Centered Innovation is a global innovation enablement enterprise. We are a mission with a business.

Do you need to enable innovation across your organization, build innovation competencies or deliver innovation programs? Your job just got easier!   

For the past decade, innovation has been one of the top 3 strategic priorities for executives around the world… as documented in studies by IBM, PWC, KPMG, BCG, Deloitte, Gartner, Conference Board, and many others. Yet it's more than just a top executive focus or even a new training program: the capacity to be innovative and to think and do work innovatively is fast becoming a core competency for every person, in every job, every day.

To meet the growing need for building innovation competencies throughout the organization, VCI has a unique, fully-integrated framework and state-of-the-art analytics that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to innovate to their highest human capacity. With VCI’s analytics, models, assessments and tools, people at all levels can work innovatively to:

  • Meet increasing customer demands for innovative solutions
  • Enhance profitability, quality and productivity
  • Create and manage new knowledge
  • Provide innovative HR solutions to attract and retain top talent
  • Navigate the complexities of culture, strategy and business models
  • Exceed the expectations of stakeholders

The VCI approach to enabling innovation puts the knowledge, skills, power and responsibility for innovation into the hands of people throughout the organization, using a common language and understanding of innovation that is relevant and practical cross-functionally and cross-culturally. As a result:

  • Individuals and workgroups expand the depth and breadth of their innovative thinking and build the character and courage it takes to produce meaningful innovations
  • Senior leaders promote organization-wide innovation, including the ability to engage customers and stakeholders to participate as “innovation partners”
  • Executives generate innovative strategies and sustain a culture for innovation
  • Facilitators and trainers assist people in developing their innovation competencies and applying those competencies to their daily work

You can feel confident in the models, tools, assessments, and materials in our curriculum. Since 1987, they have been successfully used by facilitators and trainers in organizations around the world…

  • In countries such as: USA, Canada, India, Japan, China, France, UK, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, and Germany
  • In multi-national corporations such as: AT&T, Associated Cement Companies, Charles Schwab & Co., Chevron, Disney Institute, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Exxon Chemical, HCL Technologies, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Infosys, Kraft, L&T Technology Services, Levi Straus, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Pizza Hut, P&G, Samsung, Vodafone, and 3M

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